VAT Refund

VAT Refund

How to claim your VAT refund?

You participate in professionals events in France and you don't know how you can have your VAT refund ?

Have your VAT refund through the FACC Florida, it's easy and fast !


The French Chambers of Commerce and Industry can claim the VAT refund on your main expenses in Europe, on your behalf.

VAT is refundable for the following expenses:

=> Tradefairs, spacebooking, flowers, hostess services, translators, telephone bills, electricity bills...

=> Restaurants bills, foods and beverages

=> Gasoil (80% of the VAT are refundable)

=> All kind of furniture for business activities

=> Commercial cars and vans rental

=> Services such as: advertising...

The VAT is not refundable on the following expenses: hotels, tourism car rental, airlines and trains tickets, taxi trips and presents).

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