Why Florida ?

Welcome to the Sunshine State

Florida is the U.S. state located in the extreme southeast of the United States. It is bordered to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the north by the states of Alabama and Georgia, and to the west by the Gulf of Mexico. Its political capital is Tallahassee, but the most populous metropolitan area is Miami, whose Miami-Dade County has a population of 2,701,301 (according to Miami Dade Matters, in 2023).

With over 100 million visitors a year, Florida's economy is thriving. The "Sunshine State" is a unique meeting point between the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean markets, opening the door for businesses to even more potential consumers. Florida has no state income tax.

Key facts:

Total area53,663.7 square miles (138,986.532 km2 )

Population22,610,726 (3rd largest state in the U.S. after California and Texas) according to the U.S. Census Bureau

GDP: $1,389,069,700,000, or around 1.39T USD (2022) - this increased by 10.63% from 2021 (USA facts.org)

Average age: 42.7 (2022 American Community Survey)

 Median value of owner-occupied housing, 2018-2022: 292,200 USD (U.S. Census Bureau)

Sales tax: 6% (Florida Department of Revenue)

Florida's Main Industries

Business Rendez-vous

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