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One of the first mission of the FACC Florida is to create and develop a strong network of partners with local authorities, french and american institutions, to boost the business of its members and to promote activities of the French-American community.

FACC Network

The French-American Chamber of Commerce (FACC) is an independent, not-for profit, apolitical organization founded in 1896 to promote strong trade relations between the United States and France. 

The FACC network is composed of 19 chapters across the U.S. Together they form a federated structure coordinated by a National Chamber. Each Chapter elects its own board of directors and offers activities that address the local business community. Our network is a unique and valuable business resource for executives in French-American trade and investment. 

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CCI France International Network

CCI France International coordinates activities and facilitates the exchange of ideas among its members which are independent, self-sustaining entities. The CCI France International network represents some 35,000 member companies served by a total staff of nearly 1200 professionals.
The presence of French Chambers of Commerce and their in-country professional staffs play a critical role in fostering the growth of trade and investment between France and countries around the world. These chambers are a valuable resource for companies seeking to embark on international ventures as well as those seeking to expand existing business.
Additional information about CCI France International (network of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad) can be found at www.ccifrance-international.org 

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Additional information about CCI France International, the network of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad.
123 CCI FI in the world
35,000 member companies
1,100 bicultural employees

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