We are glad to welcome Vinci Concessions as an Entrepreneur Member!

VINCI CONCESSIONS Private partner for public benefit

As a private partner for public benefit, VINCI Concessions operates in the rapidly expanding global PPP (Public Private Partnership) market.
We make a long-term commitment to all phases of our partners’ transport infrastructure and public facility projects: Design, Financing, Program management, Operation and Maintenance

VINCI Concessions’ business activities
Against a backdrop of growing budget cutbacks and an increasing need to upgrade and build public transport infrastructure and public faclilities, VINCI Concessions optimises the performance of the public services entrusted to it.
VINCI Concessions operates primarily in the fields of:
- Motorway and road infrastructure with VINCI Autoroutes in France and VINCI Highways outside France
- Airports with VINCI Airports
- Railways with VINCI Railways
- Stadiums with VINCI Stadium
- Car parks with INDIGO
- Other public facilities such as automated dams and public lighting.


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