Thank you WaterBiking Studio for joining us as a councilor member!

At WaterBiking Studio, we throw a pool party everyday!

Everyone is invited and can enjoy our effective, challenging and unforgettable aquatic workouts. WaterBiking Studio has brought the global sensation of aqua athletics to South Florida; for all ages and fitness levels, WaterBiking Studio offers classes designed for general health and fitness, recovery and sports specific training. Our high intensity, low-impact exercise routines not only tones the body and burn calories (twice as many calories as on land), improves joint flexibility and blood circulation while providing an excellent method of lymphatic drainage. 

Description of WaterBiking Class:

Our WaterBiking classes take place on a specially designed stationary bike that has been submerged in our 4 foot pool. Each 45 minute class takes place on and off the bike and is designed to give you a full body workout that is taught by one of our certified trainers! Each WaterBiking class is designed with the total body experience in mind; from a warm up to upper/lower body workouts and to a calm cool-down and stretch, you can expect to feel refreshed after each class.

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