Thank you SIFA USA for renewing your trust with us as an Entrepreneur member!

Located at the extreme northern end of the Antilles zone, SIFA's US operations are located in Miami. 

« This is a strategic location for the Group, as it gives our traditional clients the possibility to get supplies directly from the US market », says Kathleen Lhermenault, general manager of the North American region. 

« This is a precious tool that enables us to fulfill our advisory role for new and old clients. The differences in professional practices, the scale of business, and cultural differences are such that clients absolutely needs a trustworthy contact. From transport and logistics to personalized services, everything is important as it's all so different, both near and far at the same time. 

Our presence in Miami also simplifies access for our clients to the rest of the United States territory. This includes Los Angeles, for our clients located in the Pacific, Polynesia, and New Caledonia. A comment that hints of another future SIFA site in the United States... 

« My Logistics Partner » ? A daily euphemism for us and our clients », adds Caroll Leiterer. And it's a choice that applies to many levels:

A geographical situation that is close to both Miami International Airport (one of the leading air logistics hubs in the world) and the Port of Miami.

Weekly departures by air and by boat

Door-to-door delivery for all our destinations in the French Antilles region (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, Guiana)

Multi-lingual sales staff and operators: English, French, Spanish

Exclusive access to Brazil via the other subsidiary in the group located in South America: CTS Guyane 

With SIFA USA, your merchandise is handled quickly and carefully. We look forward to hearing your needs so we can provide the solution.

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