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To provide travel professionals the highest of standards through a complete range of services and multi-channel distribution.

Overseas Leisure Group is a global network dedicated to providing travel professionals with insider expertise for all luxury travel needs. We are represented in 34 countries through 41 offices. We provide unique luxury programs for individuals, groups and high-net-worth individuals. Every detail of each booking, from lodging to activities, is a priority for us and we are available 24/7 to ensure every detail is properly managed.

o Overseas Travel International

We create interactive experiences allowing travelers to discover the authenticity of a destination.

We don’t travel to visit. We travel to experience the places we’re in, to meet the people and immerse ourselves in their culture. We know about the “must-dos” in every location, but we will eagerly stray off the beaten path to LIVE IT.

Overseas Travel International is a tailored, FIT receptive network that services travel professionals worldwide, bringing individuals and families to the true pulse of a destination.


We’ve been told by our suppliers that we, at times, are obsessed with perfection. Maybe they’re right.  Our reliable quality control process is what sets us apart in the industry. It reassures every detail of your client’s booking because our attention to detail is unparalleled.

We have a 24/7 locally-based hotline and greetings in nine languages to accommodate any traveler at any time.


We make sure that you know the latest news and upcoming trends in the travel industry to be up- to-date with what’s current in every destination. That is why we have a team of avid bloggers and reporters around the world whose passion is to do just that. Read our blogs and exciting adventures at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


There are over 400 Doers and thousands of insiders in 41 locations worldwide. We share a tremendous passion for discovery. Our team includes travel planners and creative thinkers, whose sole job is to provide you with the latest information about our destinations.


We create unique itineraries for agencies and tour operators around the globe based on their clients’ specifications and desires. Over the decades, we have built our supplier list and network, allowing us to provide competitive rates, make the inaccessible accessible and ensure that everything goes according to plan.

o Overseas Studio

Through daring concepts, we break the routine and leave groups wondering how the experience was possible.


Overseas Studio takes the creative thought process of an advertising agency and brings it into the realm of travel. We create shocking concepts for incentive groups that they could not do on their own, leaving them questioning and marveling at how we pulled everything off.


How did we block off a highway in Arizona to privately escort our group to an NFL game in the middle of the day? Where did the 25-foot-slide that dropped off the side of a yacht come from? Our first step is taking a brief and nailing down the basic deliverables. Then we add the stunning element a group could not manage on their own, which makes the trip unforgettable.


Travel is our specialty, but our creativity comes from people who live to form memorable experiences. We have shocked some of the biggest companies in the world. In the past, we have even been asked to leave presentations only to be brought back out of curiosity, and eventually praised once every detail and aspect of the trip was executed flawlessly.


Incentive groups, Large conventions, Prize packages, Product launches, Private events, Weddings, Large travel groups

o Overseas VIP

We allow high-net-worth individuals to travel with the privileges to which they are accustomed. 


The experiences we create with Overseas VIP are for the elite. We understand that when it comes to high-net-worth individuals, travel is about relocation of their status. We provide access to the most luxurious accommodations and will arrange services that go beyond the average concept of obtainable.


Exclusively offered to the ultimate VIPs, “relocation” is a lifestyle recreation service. Relocation establishes status, quality of life and comfort equivalent to that in the point of origin... Executed anywhere in the world.

Products range from long-term villa rentals and luxury vehicle purchases, to dining with world-renown chefs. It is the ultimate version of an all-inclusive, offered to ensure satisfaction at their desired destination.


We offer the largest collection of unparalleled hotels, villas and private homes with privileged rates and exclusive access worldwide. Whether you travel for the views, the privacy, the once in a lifetime experience or the luxury – we can open any door.


We take pride in providing local knowledge and guidance, the kind that brings you to discover what most can only imagine in their dreams. Our staff is comprised of experienced travel concierge who have been servicing this high-end clientele for over 20 years.


In order to ensure the ultimate, safest and most confidential experience, we also provide exclusive security service upon request. The service is headed by in-house professionals with backgrounds in the highest levels of federal law enforcement.

o Overseas Xpress

We redefine online bookings by adding personalization and reliability. 


OverseasXpress is a unique link between tailored luxury travel and the realm of online booking.   We offer luxury properties throughout the world to travel professionals, while following our renowned quality control process.  We also ensure the most competitive rates and the flexibility that allows for immediately bookings. 


Exclusive promotions at the most luxurious properties; Incentives for agents to win trips to the finest destinations; Airport transfers to major cities; A three step quality control process that ensures every detail of your booking; 24/7 customer support; Administrative level access to view all of your agents’ bookings; Ability to resell the properties found within the site through API connection or a White Label version on your site that offers tailored branding, tailored advertising and all necessary analytical tools.

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