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MELSAO USA Inc. is a start-up founded in January 2014 pioneering IT healthcare, through online chronic diseases prevention programs. 


The Founder, Dr. Reginald Allouche, is a physician entrepreneur. Dr. Allouche has received worldwide recognition for his innovative approach to developing effective sugar addiction & weight loss management programs, and educating population at risk of diabetes. Based in the US for few years, Dr. Allouche’s ambition today is to contribute to T2 Diabetes control in the US by bringing his strong expertise to populations at risk through the PREDIABAID program. 


MELSAO USA Inc. management team includes individuals with strong entrepreneurial, medical, health-economic, IT and business skills. 


Our first product, PREDIABAID, is designed for people with prediabetes, to help them reduce their risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.   

 Prediabetes concerns 1 American adult on 3 (87 million). Without lifestyle improvements, up to 70% of people with prediabetes will progress to T2 Diabetes within 10 years, according to the CDC. Diabetes cost an estimated $245 billion in 2012. A recent report by the Urban Institute concludes that the US could save up to $191 billion over the next decade through wide adoption of diabetes preventive programs, such as PREDIABAID. 



PREDIABAID program is the unique medical (glycemia reduction monitoring), effective (zero fail in 30 years Dr. Allouche’s career) and fun (tips through amusing educative videos) customized DPP on App aimed at adressing T2 Diabetes.  PREDIABAID is based on the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program & on 30 years Dr Allouche’s diabetes research, prevention and treatment. The method is clinically proven and evidencebased.  


PREDIABAID program provides participants with one-on-one by the renowned diabetologist Dr. Allouche e-coaching and virtual supports for guidance on behavioral change (nutrition, physical exercise, stress management, etc.) through an App. Wireless tracking connected devices (glucometer, scale, pedometer) monitor progress on glycemia reduction & weight loss in real time, ensuring a reactive feedback by a 24/7 dieticians call center.  


Patients receive daily short videos (6 topics : progress monitoring by Dr. Allouche, scientific explanations, behavior, physical exercise, nutrition, recipes), weekly outcome reports, dieticians online & call center support, and have access to a e-store (devices, gourmet nutrition food, books). 


PREDIABAID proposes a 12-month plan for which we ensure we will treat definitively the participant prediabetes (glycemia stabilization). But we understand some participants could prefer more flexibility. For those ones, we also propose a 4-month and 8-month plan. A 6-month maintenance plan (8-month for the 4-month plan) will help to adopt definitively new habits.

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