Member Highlight : Reginald Allouche x Prediabaid

Dr. Réginald Allouche is a doctor, engineer, and researcher. For over 30 years, he focused his work on diabetes prevention and the fight against obesity. Both his research and entrepreneurial drive have been crucial in changing lives and advocating for healthy living habits.

As an author, he has written several books informing the public on preventing, diagnosing, and treating diabetes.

Among his many accomplishments, Dr Allouche received first place in our Innovation Awards during this year’s Annual Gala, leading the “digital” category.

Created by Dr. Reginald Allouche, Prediabaid is a powerful application that targets prediabetics. Acting as a personal coach, the app provides users with customized guidance and motivation to keep track of their health goals.

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How was the idea of creating this application born?  

There is an alarming number of diabetics and prediabetics worldwide. The United States is home to approximately 87 million prediabetics, and only 12% of these individuals are aware of their condition. It is a dangerous trend, because 70% of prediabetics will in turn become diabetic if they don’t take active measures to prevent the development of the disease.


What are the different type of diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 is an autoimmune form of diabetes, and accounts for 10% of cases worldwide. Type 2 is more widespread, and is usually caused by poor nutrition and the lack of exercise (although genetics are sometimes an underlying cause).

Diabetes should not be underestimated; it can lead to blindness, renal failure, and amputation.


How can diabetes be prevented?

Weight loss has a proven record of preventing diabetes. By lowering one’s weight by 5 to 7% and practicing 150 minutes of exercise per week, the risks of developing diabetes are reduced by 57%. It is also important to raise awareness and publicize methods of prevention to the public.

It would be ineffective to rely solely on medical staff when it comes to diabetes prevention, as doctors already have their hands full treating the rampant number of diabetics who have fully developed the disease.


Can you tell us a bit about your application?

The idea is to offer a customized and self-learning application. To begin, Prediabaid allows users to determine whether they are prediabetic. Then, the application pushes forward content depending on their needs.

The goal is to present that information in a playful manner -  diabetes prevention does not necessarily have to be a gloomy experience. Through the Prediabaid program, subscribers have access to menus, exercise plans and wirelessly connected devices to remain on track in their journey. The application also features fun and entertaining videos that provide personalized advice and support to users.

Prediabaid is a 12-month program, with four months of intensive coaching.


Is this your first application?

No, this isn’t my first application. I created another application in the past focused on type 1 diabetics. I have a passion for the interface between men and computers, and constantly seek to figure out ways that this relationship can be used to attain objectives in an enjoyable manner.


What would you recommend to those who wish to launch their application?

It is important to first determine the type of market that you’re targeting. If the service or good that you’re offering is new, I believe in a “just go for it” approach. Commit yourself to that project, believe in its mission and head straight in.

On the other hand, if you’re faced with an existing market, it is important to rely on a business plan and pre-determine the customer base that is going to purchase your service or good. In the case of Prediabaid, we are operating in a B2B market, with employers and insurance companies encouraging individuals to join the application. In any project, there needs to be a motivating factor for customers - either financial, professional, or personal.


Tell us a little bit about winning first place at this year’s Innovation Awards. *

I’m taking advantage of this interview to thank you for the win! The contest opened numerous doors for me, both in terms of raising funds and boosting Prediabaid’s credibility.

*a contest organized by the FACC Florida during our Annual Gala, 2017 edition.


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