Impacts of COVID-19 on U.S. Immigration

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, straining businesses as they attempt to identify and cope with travel bans, containment measures and regulatory restrictions affecting their employees and operations.

  • Entering the United States – who can and who can’t
  • Appointments at U.S. Embassies/Consulates, US Citizenship and Immigration Services field offices and Application Support Centers
  • Maintaining lawful status and Satisfactory Departure (SD) for persons in the U.S. with a B-1/B-2 or ESTA
  • Maintaining lawful status and other issues for E-1/E-2, F-1/F-2, H-1B/H-4, J-1/J-2, L-1/L-2, O-1/O-3 and TN visa holders
  • Filing applications with the US Department of Labor and US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Form I-9 (employment eligibility verification) obligations for remote new hires
  • The impact of layoffs on U.S. immigration status


With our expert: Enrique Gonzalez, Partner

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