Welcome Clasquin as a new Councilor member

CLASQUIN is an air and sea freight forwarding and overseas logistics specialist. The Group designs and manages the entire overseas transport and logistics chain, organizing and coordinating the flow of client shipments around the world and more specifically to and from the United States.

With our HQ in France, we have a special connection with the French Trade, both Import to USA or Export to France.

The group is also very involved in the logistics of FMCG, Hospitality, High Tech, Wine &Spirit, Food & Travel Retail and Project Freight with specialized teams in each sector.

Clasquin has offices in USA since 1993 with branches in JFK, LAX, ORD, ATL and the latest branch, MIAMI, opened in January 2019. We are a US Customs broker, Warehousing and trucking company, we do it all under the same roof with the same dedicated contact for a personalized service.

The US team looks forward to working with you , do not hesitate to contact us for pricing or advice on your supply chain,  Emmanuel.desbats(@)clasquin.com  


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