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You need to sell your Business in Florida, buy a business to expand your activity, or start a new life in the USA, our qualified advisors will find the right solution for you. We will coordinate the whole process with immigration lawyers, closing attorneys, CPAs, landlord, and franchisor.
VR BUSINESS BROKERS was founded in 1979, with representations in more than 100 North American cities, Europe and Latin America. From our office in Miami, we have served the South Florida Market for over a decade, positioning ourselves as a leading organization. Our highly trained advisors speak English, Spanish or French. Fully licensed in the state of Florida, we are active members of the Association of Business Brokers of Florida .We handle for you the most difficult negotiations. As business intermediary, Raquel Afriat and her team have participated in numerous sales transactions at prices ranging from US$30,000 to US$ 70 million; Raquel Afriat is the CEO of VR Business Brokers Miami -“The Firm That Has Sold More Businesses in the World Than Anyone”. Call us for an appointment!







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